Stock advice spam: followup

This is a brief followup to my post on stock advice spam from 2017.03.20. Let’s see how the scheme worked out.

Needless to say, Incapta, inc. was not acquired by anyone. However, the spam definitely was not fruitless, and on the monthly graph we can see the close price rise from $0.132 on Mar., 17th, to $0.185 on Mar., 21st, followed by a noticeable fall on Mar., 22nd, to $0.098 per share (source: Reuters):

INCT.PK 1 month

Price changes were accompanied by significant volumes of trading in INCT.PK, unseen for the last 5 years, at least. There was a brief spike in trading in the end of 2016, but its volume was much smaller (source: Reuters):

INCT.PK 1 month

Why would anyone follow stock advice from spammers? Beats me, really.

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