Not a single week without an Upwork outage

Upwork is probably the leading international freelancing platform. Although it is often regarded as a source of cheap labor and low-quality projects, it is still de-facto the biggest and most influential resource (please correct me if I am wrong). And it fails every week or so.

Well, I haven’t picked up any new jobs there for quite a while (I’m happy with my current workload), but I still dust off my profile page from time to time, polish it a little and keep it generally maintained.

And like anyone else who’d been around for a while I noticed the frequent outages and Cloudflare error messages. Sometimes I felt that all of this happened maybe a little too often.

Today the site went down once again. This time I decided to take a look at the Upwork status page, which also has a “History” tab. Amazingly, there rarely was a week without an outage! You may take a look yourself, here’s a small sample of 2017 disruptions (I omitted the planned site maintenance events):

Date Incident status
Mar 20 Areas of Upwork are temporarily unavailable
Mar 18 Degraded Performance
Mar 17 Service Disruption
Mar 16 Degraded Performance
Mar 15 Service Disruption
Mar 15 Degraded Performance
Mar 7 Areas of Upwork are temporarily unavailable
Mar 1 Partial Service Disruption
Feb 28 Partial Service Disruption
Feb 28 Degraded Performance
Feb 22 Service Disruption
Feb 14 Partial Service Disruption
Feb 9 Service Disruption (ok, ok, impacted by AWS outage)
Feb 8 Partial Service Disruption
Feb 7 Areas of Upwork are temporarily unavailable
Feb 2 Partial Service Disruption

I got bored at this point, but trust me, it is not the bottom of the page. Not even one tenth.

Now, when you factor in the generally slow service, the inept customer support, and the recently increased fees, you might wonder if (and how) the whole thing can stay afloat in the near future.

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