About me

My name is, obviously, Roman. My second name is Dmitrienko. I love it a lot.

Tech stuff

I have an MSc degree in Information Technology and a solid 10+ years experience primarily in the following areas of software development:

  • desktop applications (Windows, Linux, macOS, cross-platform)
  • networking software
  • Linux drivers
  • embedded applications (bare-metal, RTOS and Linux)
  • mobile apps (iOS)

Along the way I learned a bunch of languages, among those are:

  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • Google Go (golang)
  • Objective C and Swift

— and a long list of tools, operating systems, frameworks and technologies.

Code of ethics

I follow a simple code of ethics (hereinafter referred to as “the Code”):

  1. do no harm
  2. do not work for free
  3. create value
  4. enjoy life

Just to be clear, that means that I will not get involved with development of malware or junk software under any circumstances. It makes me sad that I have to state it explicitly. Also, I won’t do anyone’s homework, but I’ll be happy to explain stuff if asked.

I reserve the right to dismiss any inquiries contradicting the Code with snarky comments.

Non-tech stuff

I enjoy reading, traveling, studying, and I also practice Bujinkan.

Contact me

Please feel free to contact me with technical and non-technical questions alike.

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