Not a single week without an Upwork outage

Upwork is probably the leading international freelancing platform. Although it is often regarded as a source of cheap labor and low-quality projects, it is still de-facto the biggest and most influential resource (please correct me if I am wrong). And it fails every week or so.

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Stock advice spam

I received a fascinating piece of spam today. We’re all used to Nigerian princes offering a share of their wealth for no obvious reasons, or dying billionaires with no heirs looking to give their millions to strangers. Anyways, this is something new (to me). A benevolent stranger offers everyone to earn over 1000% in a matter of a week. INCT is traded OTC and what’s interesting, the stock price mentioned in the letter is correct (source: Reuters): [Read More]

The plan

  1. Make a website
  2. Post posts
  3. Become famous